Spring Rest API

Moknj is build around concept that its core is independent of its GUI layers. This allows the creation of independent GUI layers which can plug-in via rest API. Layers can be written in any language for any platform while the GUI layer connects to the core REST API.

Get StartedAPI release 0.0.1



The Idea

The concept is simple, most web application are build around few basic generic functionalities (view-entry, view-all-entries, edit, save, delete, search-filter, statistics-graphs, dashboards, rule-based-notification-on-action[future version], access-control). Moknj tries to mock those functionalities to its most basic form and encapsulating them in generic manner which allows development to easily add or expand new behaviors to the API. This creates a application which can grow with small business requirements more easier.

Collaborate and enhance

MoknJ is free to contribute to. Build new GUI layers, enhance core functionality, build new business components and share your solutions.


Customize your own Moknj Application

With our example Angularjs GUI, the user can create his/she own custom web application. The API requires templates and menus to be mapped. The templates are mapped to a behavior components (business component) which define the screen look and feel and flow.